Myths on Signage

Myths on Signage

Are you a business maker trying to find the best signage for your company? Asking people for advice but not knowing whether it’s a truth or just another lie? Well, if the advice sounds like what I am about to list out to you in this article, be sure to brush them off afterwards, as they are all a bunch of myths ready to be scraped from your brain.

The first one is that branding is a form of art and not a science. Well, if this is what you have been hearing, the truth is that branding is both an art and a science. The combination of both is the main aspect which helps in creating impactful signage for your business. You need your creative mind to put up a unique design and you will need your research-like brain for you to understand your customer behaviour as well as the integrity of community living nearby your business building. To make it easier, you can also hire any signboard maker malaysia although it might cost money.

Next is the myth saying the bigger it is, the better it gets. It is true that your signage should be visible from a distance, but that does not mean you have to go the extra miles of making your signage the biggest in town. Pick a size suitable to your business and your environment. I mean let’s be real. Why would someone who opens a tailor shop puts up a huge upfront signage, bigger than its own shop? Though the size does matter, but it has to be suitable with the nature of the business.

The last but not least, is that the more words is better. If you are a moving thesaurus who is a logophile and is addicted in using high quality vocabulary, chill. Do not spill all the words you know on top of your signage. The wordings on your sign should be as simple and catchy as possible. Do not be too verbose in promoting your company. Nobody would want to waste their time reading a historical essay on your journey before starting your business.

All in all, be sure of the facts that people tell you regarding your business and don’t just jump to conclusion before investigating.

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