Products with Palm Oil In Them

Products with Palm Oil In Them

Are you planning to be a palm oil smallholder in FELDA? What about getting an online apply MSPO certification for your plantation? Have you thought it through though? Well, maybe you want to know what product you can produce from these palm oil trees first! There are myriad of products originated from this fruit.

First of all, the bread! Yup, the loaves of bread at the supermarket and the one you’re using for your picnic mostly contain oil palm as one of its main ingredients. Next one would be crisped. You must be familiar with crisps and their texture which are a little bit oily. Though the packet clearly says vegetable oil, most of the time it’s just a nickname for palm oil.

Other food would be margarine! It is usually a replacement for butter and also dairy products. If you do not wish to use this kind of product with palm oil in it, you can substitute it with vegetable oil. If you’re vegan, you might not want to know this but I’m just going to tell you anyway. It’s your vegan cheese! Random additives are also found in it.

Apart from that, palm oil can also be made into soap and skincare! Not just your soap but also most of the cleaning agents in the market. Next is your favourite ice cream. Most of the popular brands would use palm oil in the ice cream. Next is your favourite fast food! Who doesn’t love pizza and instant noodles right? Well, they also use palm oil.

All in all, there are many products which are made of palm oil in the market. It’s like a significant base in all of the products nowadays. Therefore, think twice before starting your palm oil business because the fact that many daily products require it in its processing element is very alarming.

This is because the deforestation caused by palm oil cutting are threatening endangered species.